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Frost detector, modulating and 2-point, capillary tube 2000 mm

Stock no. S55700-P155

Stock no. S55700-P155

  • Modulating and 2-position

  • Fully active capillary type sensing element

  • Indication of frost with red LED

  • Test switch for simulation of frost

  • Selector for automatic or manual reset function

  • Modulating P-controller for startup

  • Limit value contact for plant control

Additional info

For fixing the capillary, accessory AQM63.2 (3 capillary tube clamps and 3 spacers) is required.



Operating voltage

AC 24 V

Power consumption

6.6 VA

Min. active length

250 mm

Ambient temperature, operation

-15...55 °C

Capillary length

2000 mm

Setpoint setting range

1...10 °C

Measuring range, temperature

0...15 °C

Connection cable

6 (8)-wire

Digital output, switching voltage

DC 5 V / AC 5...250 V

Digital output, switching current

6 (4) A

Analog inputs

Control input

Analog input, signal

0.1, DC 0...10 mA

Analog output, signal

DC 0...10 V

Digital outputs

Potential-free, Switchover contact

Degree of protection


Dimensions (W x H x D)

96 x 136 x 67 mm