N 151/01

IP viewer

Stock no. 5WG1151-1AB01

Stock no. 5WG1151-1AB01

Interface converter between a KNX and an IP network, with the following simultaneously executable functions:

  • As a WebServer for monitoring and control of up to 40 states and values transmitted via the KNX network, which can be displayed on up to 5 image pages of a PC connected to the IP network using Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 or Firefox 3.0 (for other browsers, see documentation at www.siemens.com/gamma-td)

  • For the parameterization of a KNX system using ETS3.0f/ETS4

  • For communication between the KNX network and a ComBridge Studio visualization software

  • Special WEB page for the multilanguage adaptation of the presentation of an image page and a special WEB page for firmware upgrades

  • Ethernet interface for connection to the IP network using the Internet Protocol

  • RJ45 socket for connection to Ethernet 10 Mbits/s

  • 2 LED displays for indication of ready-to-run state and for IP communication

  • Integrated bus coupling units

  • KNX bus connection via bus terminal

  • Electronics powered via an external 24 V AC/DC power supply unit

  • Connection of external power supply unit via an extra-lowvoltage terminal

  • Modular installation devices for mounting on TH35 EN 60715 mounting rail

Additional info

The external 24 V AC/DC power supply unit must be ordered separately (e. g. 4AC2402).



Dimension width (1 MW = 18 mm)

4 MW