N 140/..3

Line/backbone coupler

Stock no. 5WG1140-1AB..

Stock no. 5WG1140-1AB..

  • For data exchange between two KNX bus lines with telegrams of up to 64 byte

  • For use as line coupler for connecting a line to the main line or as backbone coupler for connecting a main line to the backbone line or as repeater for connecting two segments of the same line, with electrical isolation of the two bus lines

  • Loadable filter table for control of the data exchange between the two bus lines

  • Additional loadable filter table for telegrams with LTE addressing

  • Detection of a communication fault on the lower-level line and signaling to the higher-level line

  • 3 LEDs for display of availability and receipt of a telegram per line

  • Power supply from the main line

  • Modular installation devices for mounting on TH35 EN 60715 mounting rail

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