Heating controller for 1 heating circuit and d.h.w.

Stock no. S55370-C137

Stock no. S55370-C137

Weather-compensated flow temperature control of heating circuit with or without room influence, d.h.w. heating and demand based boiler temperature control.

Key functions

In addition to the functions of the RVP340, the RVP350 provides the following:

  • 3 preprogrammed plant types can be selected, with automatic assignment of the functions required for each plant type

  • Weather-compensated flow temperature control through control of valve (mixing) in a heating circuit

  • Demand based control of the boiler temperature through control of the burner

  • D.h.w. heating with charging pump, electric immersion heater and solar collector

D.h.w. control

D.h.w. control independent of the heating circuit. Control can be enabled as follows:

  • According to its own 7-day program

  • According to the program of the heating circuit

  • According to the programs of the zone controllers on the data bus

  • Permanently (24 hours a day)

D.h.w. heating features a legionella function, which can be deactivated. Legionella protection is activated once a week. The d.h.w. temperature is acquired with sensors or thermostats.

Boiler temperature control

Boiler temperature control operates as demand-dependent 2-position control. The boiler temperature is controlled through cycling of a 1- or a 2-stage burner (direct burner control). When there is no heat request, the boiler will either be shut down or maintained at the minimum temperature (selectable). Both minimum and maximum limitation of the boiler temperature are adjustable.



Operating voltage

AC 230 V


50 Hz

Power consumption

7 VA

Analog input, signal

LG-Ni1000, NTC 575

Digital inputs

Status contact

Relay output, switching voltage

AC 24...230 V

Relay output, switching current

2 x 2(2), 7 x 1(1) A

Dimensions (W x H x D)

144 × 96 × 109 mm