Controller‚ 14 programmed plant types, instructions in pl, cs, el, ru, bg, ro

Stock no. S55370-C130

Stock no. S55370-C130

Multifunctional heating controller for use in district heating substations and district heating plants with LPB and M-bus communication. Suited for 2 heating circuits with d.h.w. heating in instantaneous systems or with storage tank. 14 programmed plant types. Operating voltage AC 230 V.

Same functionality as RVD250‚ but with the following extra features:

  • 2 heating circuits

  • Without precontrol in interconnected systems

  • 3 independent switching programs each with 3 occupancy times per day


  • Precontrol internal control loops

  • 2 heating circuits (mixing and / or pump heating circuit): Control of flow temperature‚ optionally weather-compensated / weather- and room temperature-compensated / room temperature-compensated

  • D.h.w. heating with selectable priority:

  • Instantaneous systems

  • Storage charging system

  • Storage system with integrated heat exchanger

  • Charging pump

  • Circulating pump



Operating voltage

AC 230 V


50 Hz

Power consumption

6 VA


LPB (interconnected controller), M-bus (slave)

Analog input, signal

DC 0...10, LG-Ni1000, NTC 575 V

Digital inputs, number


Digital inputs

Pulse transmitter, Status contact

Digital outputs

1 × PWM, DC 12, 2 × AC 230 V 2(2), 8 × AC 230 V 1(1) V

Dimensions (W x H x D)

144 x 96 x 109 mm