Immersion temperature controller, AC 24 V, DC 0...10 V output

Stock no. BPZ:RLE162

Stock no. BPZ:RLE162

Compact electronic controller with immersion type temperature sensor and setting unit combined in one device. It is designed for installation directly onto the plant. Only the wires for power supply connection and controller output need to be laid. Supplied with threaded nipple for direct temperature sensing.


Modulating temperature controller, with 1 or 2 continuous DC 0...10 V output signals and auxiliary relay. The RLE162 is used for control and limiting of temperature in hot water, heating or cooling plants:

  • Domestic hot water temperature

  • Heating flow temperature

  • Closed circuit heat exchangers

  • Water-side control of HVAC units

  • Chilled water temperature


  • High or low temperature limitation

  • Auxiliary digital output

  • Compensation via outside sensor

  • Connection for remote setting unit

  • P or PI control (selectable)

  • Service modes

  • Heating and cooling modes available

  • Setpoint changeover via external contact or time switch

  • Optional legionella function



Time constant

With protection pocket: 30, Without protection pocket: 6 s



Operating voltage

AC 24 V


50/60 Hz

Power consumption

2 VA

Setpoint readjustment range

0...60 K

Setpoint setting range

-10...130 °C

Control loops, number


PN class

PN 10

Analog output, signal

DC 0...10 V

Analog output, current

Max. 1 mA

Analog outputs, number


Digital inputs, number


Digital inputs

Potential-free input signal

Digital input, contact query

DC 3...6, DC 6...15 mA

Relay outputs, number


Relay outputs

N.O. contact, potential-free

Relay output, switching voltage

AC 24...230 V

Relay output, switching current

2 A

Degree of protection


Dimensions (W x H x D)

125 × 152 × 78 mm