Controller, 3 programmed plant types, instructions in bg, cs, el, pl, ro, ru

Stock no. S55370-C110

Stock no. S55370-C110

Control of district heat substations, space heating and d.h.w. heating.

Optimized for low return temperatures in district heating networks.

  • 3 ready programmed and preselected plant types

  • Straightforward, easy-to-understand operation

  • Analog adjustment of room temperature setpoint, other adjustments with operating lines

  • Display of time of day, time program, setpoints, actual values, limitations, errors, etc.

  • Optional remote operation via room unit

  • 2 independent switching programs each with 3 occupancy times per day

  • Holiday function (via room unit)

  • DRT limitation for the reduction of peak loads

  • Maximum limitation of the return temperature on the primary side

  • Minimum and maximum limitation of the flow temperature

  • Automatic summer / winter changeover

  • Automatic ECO function

  • Pump protection

  • Legionella function

  • Frost protection function

  • Automatic monitoring of sensors with alarm indication

  • Relay and sensor tests, manual operation

  • Locking function for district heat parameters

  • Communication via Modbus

  • Display with background lighting


  • 1 pump heating circuit, control of the flow temperature, optionally weather-compensated / weather- and room temperature-compensated / room temperature-compensated

  • D.h.w. heating:

  • Storage system with integrated heat exchanger and 1 storage tank sensor

  • Charging pump



Operating voltage

AC 230 V


50 Hz

Power consumption

5.5 VA

Analog input, signal

LG-Ni1000, NTC 575

Digital outputs

3 × AC 230 V 1(1), 1 × AC 230 V 2(2) A

Dimensions (W x H x D)

144 x 96 x 109 mm