Heating controller for a second heating circuit

Stock no. BPZ:RVL479

Stock no. BPZ:RVL479


Heating controller for use in all types of buildings that require specific control of a second heating zone at an attractive price.

Key functions

The RVL479 operates with a partner unit, for independent weather-compensated control of a second heating zone.

1 preprogrammed heating application: Space heating via control 3-position of a mixing valve.

Additional functions

  • Dedicated control of the second heating zone makes it possible to use an independent user interface for diagnostics

  • Separate 7-day program with 3 heating periods per day

  • Separate holiday program

  • Dedicated display of parameters for the second zone (operating state and fault status signals)

  • Independent optimum start/stop for the second heating zone

  • Minimum and maximum limitation of the flow temperature

  • Minimum limitation of the return temperature

  • Maximum limitation of the room temperature

  • Communication with other devices via LPB data bus

  • Transmission and common usage of data (outside temperature, heat demand, alarms, etc.)

  • Frost protection and pump protection



Operating voltage

AC 230 V


50 Hz

Power consumption

7 VA

Relay output, switching voltage

AC 24...230 V

Relay output, switching current

2 A

Dimensions (W x H x D)

144 x 144 x 113 mm