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Differential pressure monitor, 100...1000 Pa

Stock no. BPZ:QBM81-10

Stock no. BPZ:QBM81-10

Used as a flow switch or filter monitor in air ducts.

Additional info

Supplied complete with set of 2 air duct connectors (plastic)

and 2 m long PVC tube.



Dimensions (W x H x D)

88 x 110 x 90 mm

Connection, electrical

Screw terminals

Digital outputs

1-pin, Potential-free, Switchover contact

Permissible operating pressure

7500 Pa

Ambient temperature, operation

-30...85 °C

Mounting position

Diaphragm vertical, pressure connection pointing downward

Dimension (Ø x L)

81 x 90 mm

Degree of protection


Measuring range, pressure

100…1000 Pa

Digital output, switching voltage

DC 24 V / AC 24...250 V

Digital output, switching current

0.01...5 (3) A

Pressure conneciton

Connection branch, 6.2 mm dia.