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Air duct differential pressure sensor, 0…500 Pa

Stock no. S55720-S236

Stock no. S55720-S236

For use with air or nonaggressive gases, for extremely demanding accuracy and high requirements. With diaphragm sensing element.

Availabe with switchable pressure-linear or extracting-the-root characteristic and digital display. With extracting-the-root characteristic, the pressure measuring range is adjustable.

Additional info

CE-, UL listed.

Supplied complete with PVC connecting tube of 2 m.



Operating voltage

AC 24, DC 13.5...33 V

Power consumption

0.5 VA

Analog output, signal

DC 0...10 V

Sensing element

Pressure diaphragm

Response time

<20 ms (faulty format)

Pressure conneciton

Connection branch, 6.2 mm dia.

Connection, electrical

Screw terminals

Measuring range, pressure

0…500 Pa

Degree of protection


Dimensions (W x H x D)

101 x 86 x 49 mm