Duct sensor for air velocity

Stock no. BPZ:QVM62.1

Stock no. BPZ:QVM62.1

For measuring air velocities or volumetric flow in air ducts. Suited for primary plant (presetting the volumetric flow).

Additional info

Sensor detached, ready wired, including pipe extension for different immersion lengths and mounting flange.



Operating voltage

AC / DC 24 V

Power consumption

5 VA

Measuring range

0...10, 0...15, 0...5 m/s

Measurement accuracy

At 20 °C, 45 % r.h., 1013 hPa: ±0.65 m/s

Connection, electrical

Screw terminals

Cable length

1 m

Immersion length

30...300 mm

Analog output, signal

DC 0...10, DC 4...20 V

Degree of protection


Dimensions (W x H x D)

86 x 43 x 117 mm