Duct air quality sensor CO2+temperature (passiv)

Stock no. S55720-S124

Stock no. S55720-S124

Note: Not suited for safety-related applications!

Additional info

The duct air quality sensor has a selectable passive temperature sensing element, delivered with the device are LG-Ni1000, Pt1000, Pt100, NTC 10kOhm



Max. air velocity

≤ 10 m/s

Power consumption

2 VA

Immersion length

100…165 mm

Time constant

CO<subscript>2</subscript>: <5, Humidity: <20, Temperature: <3.5 min (faulty format)

Operating voltage

AC 24, DC 15...35 V

Analog output, signal

DC 0...5, DC 0...10 V

Measuring range, temperature


Measurement accuracy

At 23 °C, 1013 hPa: ±90 ppm

Measuring range

CO2: 0...2000 ppm

Ambient temperature, operation

-5...45 °C

Connection, electrical

Screw terminals

Degree of protection


Dimensions (W x H x D)

80 x 88 x 274 mm