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Ultrasonic heat and heating/cooling meter 10 m3/h, Ø 6 mm L = 100 mm, DN40

Stock no. S55561-F127

Stock no. S55561-F127

The UH50-A.. heat meter and the UH50-C.. heat/combi meter acquire the volume flow statically based on the ultrasonic measuring principle. They are available as wall-mounting versions in different sizes. The meters excel in great measuring accuracy, wear resistance, and long-term stability. The UH50.. transmits the current consumption value, the monthly values, the set day value, and error messages to the respective data collector.

The processor unit can be equipped with different sensors, different power supplies, and 2 communication modules.

The display informs the user about the amount of energy consumed.

The ultrasonic meters are used in residential or commercial buildings to acquire the amount of heat or heat/cooling energy consumed.

Additional info

Design of processor unit: Split unit with ready wired control line of 1.5 m.

Connection of sensor: The sensor can be replaced; the return sensor is not integrated in the volume measuring section.


The meters are supplied with Operating and Mounting Instructions in the following languages:

Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, and Turkish



Due Date


Type of Meter

Heat, Cooling

Voltage supply

Without, see accessories

PN class

PN 25

Nominal flow rate

10 m³/h

Mounting length

300 mm

Sensing element, temperature


Measurement accuracy

Heat: MID class 2, Cold: EN 1434


PL Ø6x100 mm

Cable length, sensor

5 m


Without, see accessories



Temperature range electronic unit

2...180 °C

Temperature range volume measuring section

5...130 °C


EN 1434



Mounting location

Meter: Return

Packaging unit

1 pce