walk-by radio system 868 MHz

Stock no. JXF:walk-by

Simple, fast and reliable. These three attributes are the most apt descriptions of the walk-by system. After all, it provides values for billing consumption easily, quickly and dependably. And the meter-reader does not even have to enter the tenant‘s flat - on the reading date, he only has to enter the commonly accessible area of the property.

For smaller properties, he can even collect data outside of the building. That not only benefits the meter-reader (who does not have to plan and mount data collectors any more), but also tenants. They no longer have to agree on a date for reading or even be there on the readout day. It couldn‘t be simpler. At the set reading time, the meters send current

consumption data at short intervals. The meter-reader only has to enter the building or even just walk around it with his mobile meter-reading system. This consists of a mobile data collector

and a laptop with application software. The data collector collects the radio telegrams and, after a plausibility check, sends them wirelessly to the laptop via the Bluetooth interface. The software on the laptop not only manages the data, it also shows the meter-reader the current progress of the process. After having received all data, the meter-reader can then leave the property. Back at his workplace, the meter-reader only has to export the data saved and read them for example into a billing program. If data is needed on a regular basis – meaning permanently mounted data collectors are to be retrofitted with an interface for remote data transmission – the measuring devices can be reprogrammed from the walk-by system to the stationary AMR system from Siemens at any time. This means that readout values can be called up on a daily basis without entering the property.

Within the walk-by system there are walk-by heat cost allocators and walk-by radio adpaters available. More devices on request.