Battery-powered network node

Stock no. S55563-F137

Stock no. S55563-F137

The WTT56.. network node is used to receive and handle the data transmitted by heat cost allocators, heat and water meters incorporated in a radio network.

The network node is a component of an M-bus radio network.

It receives the radio telegrams transmitted by the consumption meters and stores them locally. The WTT56.. can be read out either locally via M-bus or USB or from a remote location via gateway

  • Storage of up to 500 metering devices

  • Every network node installed in the system stores all consumption data of the entire system (mesh system)

  • Secure data network: AES128 encryption, login and password

  • Battery-powered




Optical interface
Radio AMR

Operating voltage

3.6 V

Voltage supply

Lithium battery

Battery life

Power supply main battery: Min. 5 years
Power supply backup battery: Min. 10 years

Rate of transmission

300, 2400 or 9600 Baud

Operating range

Transmitter power (typically): 12 dBm


868.3 MHz with 1 % Duty Cycle

Degree of protection



0.81 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D)

200 x 200 x 57.1 mm

Ambient temperature, operation

0...55 °C

Ambient humidity, operation

<93 % r.h. (faulty format)

Ambient temperature, storage

-20...60 °C


Wall mounting