AMR wireless system 868 MHz

Stock no. JXF:AMR

The Automatic Meter Reading system (AMR) is an innovative system for wireless remote readout of consumption data. It consists of network nodes (data collectors) which form a network within the premises to collect all consumption data transmitted by the metering devices, to store them and to make them available for further handling. The network nodes can be read either locally or by making use of Internet technologies, also from the office. The types of consumption meters included in the AMR system are heat meters, water meters and heat cost allocators. A pulse adapter is available, enabling third-party meters to be integrated into the system.The AMR system excels in versatility, ease of installation and maintenance, and offers a large number of readout choices matched to customer needs. The system components are suited for installation in small premises (e.g. 3 apartments) and in large plant comprising several buildings. Installation of the wireless network is largely automatic, including self-configuration.

Functioning principle:The system automatically configures itself during installation, forming a network. The battery-powered network nodes receive and store the consumption data from the metering devices installed within their range. In the network, the measured values received from all metering devices are constantly updated. This means that every network node holds the consumption data of the entire plant so that readout can take place at any of the nodes. For local readout, a laptop can be connected to any of the network nodes via cable, or an optional wireless module can be used. This works within the range of each network node. Depending on the local situation, it may not even be necessary to enter the house for making the readout. If AMR plant shall be read out from a remote location, one of the network nodes is to be used with a gateway. This gateway then offers a number of communication choices: Data can be transmitted directly to the billing systems via GSM network, broadband cable network or computer network. The user can choose the transmission medium he prefers.