Mechanical water meter mulit-jet with module slot, 1.5 m3/h, cold

Stock no. JXF:WMK10.D

Stock no. JXF:WMK10.D

Mechanical mulit-jet water meter for measureing the consumption of hot and cold water. Designed specifically for flush-mounting. The meter consists of an easy-to-replace measuring cell with a mechanical totalizer and a single-pipe connecting piece (EAT) which must be ordered separately and which is firmly connected to the water pipe. Suited for flush or wall mounting. Display of cumulated consumption. Dry-runner with magnetic transmission and pivotable totalizer. Body and single-pipe connecting piece are made of brass. The mechanical water meters WMK10.D and WMW10.D can be retrofitted with electronic modules for AMR or walk-by readout and a EG-First-Verification. Versions without remote reading output. For the use with radio modules there are extra rosettes and bezels available.

Metrological class, horizontal mounting of body = class B

Metrological class, vertical mounting of body =class A

The product numbers for cold water meters start with WMK10.. and for hot water meters with WMW10...Find more information in the technical data sheet.



PN class

PN 10

Pressure drop

250 mbar

Nominal flow rate

1.5 m³/h

Flow rate Q3

2.5 m³/h

Connecting thread

G2 "

Max. water temperature

30 °C