Electronic water meter, round, recessed mounting

Stock no. BPZ:WMC37.E

Stock no. BPZ:WMC37.E

Electronic, round, mains-independent meter for acquiring the water consumption in autonomous water supply networks. The electronic Siemeca™ water meter is a component of the Siemeca™ AMR system and can be read and parameterized via IrDA interface. The water meter features a rolling display showing the following values and variables:

  • Cumulated water consumption since the water meter was first installed

  • Segment test

Using the Siemeca™ parameter seting tool, the following display steps can be individually switched:

  • Cumulated water consumption since the last set day

  • Date of set day

  • Verification code

  • Current flow rate

  • Indication of errors

The units displayed are m³ and m³/h. Standard display is the cumulated water consumption since the water meter was first installed.

Max. water temperature:

30 °C cold water

90 °C hot water



PN class

PN 10

Metrological class


Battery life

12 years

Nominal flow rate

2.5 m³/h

Flow rate Q3

4 m³/h

Connecting thread

G 2 "

Max. water temperature

30 °C