WFK30.. / WFW30..

Mechanical water meter single-jet, wall mounted (module compatible)

Stock no. BPZ:WFK3../WFW3..

Stock no. BPZ:WFK3../WFW3..

Mechanical single-jet impeller meter for measuring the consumption of cold (WFK30..) or hot water (WFW30..). Display of cumulated consumption. Versions without remote reading output. Body made of brass, dry-runner with magnetic transmission and pivotable totalizer. All water meters WFK30.. and WFW30.. can be retrofitted with electronic communication modules for AMR (WFZ16.MO) or walk-by (WFZ166.MO) or M-Bus (WFZ31) readout. These meters are MID conform.

  • Metrological class, horizontal mounting of body = R80 (class B).

  • Metrological class, vertical mounting of body = R40 (class A).

  • Flow rate Q3 according 2004/22/EC MID

Mechanical water meter to acquire the water consumption in domestic water systems in residential or non-residential buildings and in water supply systems.



PN class

PN 16

Pressure drop

250 mbar

Product Variants