Impeller type heat and cooling energy meter, wall-mounted, nominal flow rate 2.5 m3/h, with IrDA interface & AMR radio communication

Stock no. S55561-F193

Stock no. S55561-F193

The electronic, mains-independent impeller type heat and cooling energy meter set is of compact design and used for the physically correct acquisition of energy consumption. The meter consists of a flow measuring section, 2 ready connected temperature sensors and an integrated processor which – based on flow rate and temperature differential – calculates the energy consumption.



Immersion Type

Direct immersion

Battery life

> 10 years

PN class

PN 16

Nominal flow rate

2.5 m³/h

Max. flow rate

5 m³/h

Min. flow rate

7 l/h

Mounting length

130 mm

Sensing element, temperature


Measuring range, temperature

5...90 °C

Min. temperature differential

Heat: 1.0 K, Cold: 0.2 K

Measurement accuracy

MID class 3


Directly immersed or in approved protection pockets

Return sensor integrated


Cable length, sensor

1.5 m


IrDA & AMR radio


DIN EN 1434-1

Connecting thread

G 1 "