Impeller type heat meter, wall-mounted, nominal flow rate 0.6 m3/h

Stock no. S55561-F177

Stock no. S55561-F177

The electronic, mains-independent impeller type heat meter WFM5.. is of compact design and used as a metering device for the physically correct acquisition of energy consumption. It is available as a wall-mounting version in different sizes for heat, combined heat/cooling or solar energy metering. The meter consists of a volume metering section, 2 ready connected temperature sensors and a ready fitted processor which - based on flow rate and temperature differential - calculates the energy consumption. The consumption values acquired by the meter can be read out on site, or modules can be retrofitted for remote readout via AMR (WFZ56.OK) or walk-by (WFZ566.OK).

The meters are used primarily in plants with central production of heat or cooling energy, where the energy is delivered via zones to several individual consumers.

The meters are supplied with Operating and Installation Instructions in the following languages:

Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish and Turkish.



Due Date


Voltage supply

Lithium battery

Battery life

10 years

PN class

PN 16

Nominal flow rate

0.6 m³/h

Mounting length

110 mm

Sensing element, temperature


Measuring range, temperature

10..90 °C

Measurement accuracy

MID class 3


DS Ø5.0x45 mm

Cable length, sensor

1.5 m


IrDA + module interface




EN 1434

Connecting thread

G ¾ "

Mounting location

Meter: return, Sensor in the flow: directly immersed or in approved protection pockets, Sensor in the return: integrated in the return, directly immersed