Electronic heat cost allocator with AMR radio interface, Double sensor, due date 12/31

Stock no. JXF:WHE562-000

Stock no. JXF:WHE562-000

Device for heat cost allocation by acquiring the amount of heat emitted by radiators.

The WHE56.. heat cost allocators are read out via RF (radio frequency 868 MHz).

The devices send the current consumption data in cycles to the network nodes. These nodes automatically collect and store the data from all integrated heat cost allocators. Customers can read all consumption data of plants from a remote location.

  • Programming is performed with the ACT50 software.

  • Simply extendable with remote sensor.

  • All types are supplied without mounting plate (heat conductor).

Additional info

All heat cost allocators are supplied without mounting plate. The mounting plate must be ordered as a separate item.



Due Date


Operating voltage

DC 3 V

Voltage supply

Lithium battery

Battery life

>10 Years


AMR radio interface

Radio frequency

868 MHz



Dimensions (W x H x D)

40 x 102 x 31 mm