Electronic heat cost allocator with walk-by radio interface, Double sensor, due date 12/31, type of readout annual

Stock no. JXF:WHE552-0000

Stock no. JXF:WHE552-0000

Device for heat cost allocation by acquiring the amount of heat emitted by radiators.

The heat cost allocators featuring a walk-by radio interface are read locally via RF (radio frequency 868 MHz). The allocators send the consumption data at a predetermined point in time. Using the mobile data logger, the person making the readout collects the radio telegrams.

  • Programming is performed with the ACT50 software.

  • Simply extendable with remote sensor.

  • All types are supplied without mounting plate (heat conductor).

Additional info

All heat cost allocators are supplied without mounting plate. The mounting plate must be ordered as a separate item.



Due Date


Operating voltage

DC 3 V

Voltage supply

Lithium battery

Battery life

>10 Years


walk-by radio interface

Radio frequency

868 MHz



Dimensions (W x H x D)

40 x 102 x 31 mm