AP 260/11

Door/window contact with battery, titanium white

Stock no. 5WG3260-3AB11

Stock no. 5WG3260-3AB11

  • For detecting the state (closed/open) of a door or window via the reed contact integrated in the device, with actuation of the reed contact through the supplied magnet for attachment to the moving part of the door or window

  • Connection for an external floating contact

  • 4 plug-in terminals for wire cross-sections (solid or finely stranded) of 0.14...0.5 mm2 for connection of the external contact and to allow setting via a wire jumper, whether monitoring is to cover internal contact only, external contact only, or both contacts

  • KNX-RF transmitter for 868.3 MHz

  • Electronics powered by a lithium battery (1/2 AA 3.6 V), with a battery service life of approx. 5 years, with signaling of battery status every 24 hours, and with an LED that flashes every 10 seconds to indicate that the battery needs replacing

  • Commissioning using a pushbutton located on the front of the sensor – no additional aids required

  • Surface mounting

  • Comprising one mounting plate for screw or adhesive fastening, clip-on radio sensor with integrated reed contact and trigger solenoid



Dimensions (W x H x D)

87 x 36 x 27 mm