VAV compact controller, AC 24 V, DC 0...10 V, 5 Nm, 150 s, 300 Pa

Stock no. BPZ:GDB181.1E/3

Stock no. BPZ:GDB181.1E/3

  • Compact controller for plants with variable or constant air volume flow

  • Integrated, highly precise differential pressure sensor, damper actuator and digitally configurable air volume controller

  • Nominal torque 5 or 10 Nm, air damper rotation angle mechanically adjustable between 0 and 90°

  • Optionally configurable as VAV compact controller or as damper actuator/differential pressure sensor unit

  • Prewired with a 0.9 m connecting cable



Angular rotation

90 °

Positioning time

150 s

Degree of protection


Dimensions (W x H x D)

71 x 158 x 61 mm

Operating voltage

AC 24 V


50/60 Hz

Power consumption

3 VA

Positioning signal

DC 0...10, DC 2…10, 3-position V

Air damper area

0.8 m²


5 Nm