S 190/01

Overvoltage protection, as fine protection for bus devices

Stock no. 5WG1190-8AD01

Stock no. 5WG1190-8AD01

  • For the overvoltage fine protection of bus devices

  • For inserting in a bus device instead of a 193 bus terminal or for direct connection to a bus terminal

  • For surge protection through connection of the yellow/green ground conductor to the next grounding point

  • 2 socket contacts (1 mm ∅) for insertion in bus devices

  • 2 solid wires (0.8 mm ∅) for connection to the bus terminal

  • A solid wire (0.75 mm2) for surge protection

  • Rated voltage 24 V DC

  • Rated current 6 A

  • Rated discharge surge current 5 kA

  • Protection level 350 V



Dimensions (W x H x D)

11.6 x 10.5 x 11.1 mm