N 523/04

Venetian blind actuator, 4 x AC 230 V, 6 A, with sunlight tracking of slats

Stock no. 5WG1523-1AB04

Stock no. 5WG1523-1AB04

  • 4 channels

  • For the separate control per actuator channel of a sun protection‚ damper‚ door or window drive with a motor for AC 230 V and electromechanical limit switches

  • Rated contact voltage AC 230 V, 50 Hz

  • Automatic mode for sunlight tracking control

  • Manual mode

  • Indication of direct operation with status object

  • Status position of slats, 8-bit

  • Suitable for integration in a sunlight tracking control system

  • Sun protection control (up/down) using position data (8-bit value)

  • Integrated power supply unit for the electronics, connected to AC 230 V

  • Slat control (open/close) using position data (8-bit value) or travel to end position, stopping, stepwise adjustment

Additional info

The optional data rail must be ordered separately. See chapter System Products and Accessories - data rails.



Dimension width (1 MW = 18 mm)

4 MW