N 502/02

Combi switching actuator, 8 x AC 230 V, 16 A, 8 x binary inputs

Stock no. 5WG1502-1AB02

Stock no. 5WG1502-1AB02

  • 8 inputs AC/DC 12...230 V

  • 8 relay contact outputs

  • Rated contact voltage AC 230 V

  • Rated contact operating current 16 A, p.f. = 1

  • Electronics power supply via an integrated power supply unit for AC 230 V

  • Device functional even without bus connection or if bus voltage absent or bus communication interrupted or not yet activated

  • Green LED to indicate operational readiness

  • Push button to switch between bus and direct mode

  • Yellow LED to indicate direct mode activated

  • Push button for each output to switch the output in direct mode via a toggling function by a short actuation and for changing the output mode between remote control relay and time switch relay by holding down the push button for some seconds

  • 1 red LED per output to indicate the switching state

  • 1 red LED per input to indicate the current signal state

  • Device preset at the factory for direct switching of an output through a toggling function via the input of the same name

  • Selectable function for each input when using the Engineering Tool Software (ETS):

  • Switching status / binary value transmission

  • Switching, short / long operation

  • Single button dimming, single button sun protection control, 1-button group control (sequence control)

  • 1-bit scene control

  • 8-bit scene control, 8-bit value, edge-triggered, 8-bit value, short / long operation

  • 16-bit floating point value, edge-triggered, 16-bit value, short / long operation, 16-bit value, edge-triggered, 16-bit floating point value, short / long operation

  • Selectable function for each pair of inputs: 2-button dimming with stop telegram, 2-pushbutton shutter/blind control

  • Selectable blocking / releasing of each input via a corresponding blocking object

  • Sending of the input objects after a change of status

  • Selectable logic operation (AND/OR) for one input with a further communication object and with variable start value of the logic operation at bus voltage recovery

  • Setting by means of the ETS, whether all outputs are to be configured identically or individually

  • Selectable mode for each output (normal mode, time switch mode)

  • Optional addition of a night mode object for each output for time-limited switching On of the output (and hence the illumination) at night

  • Variable On and Off delay times for each output

  • Variable On period in night mode or in time switch mode

  • Selectable warning signal prior to imminent switching-off by means of three-times short off and on switching (flashing) in night mode or in time switch mode

  • Status object for reporting direct mode

  • Optional status object per output for status reporting

  • Sending of status objects on request and/or automatically after a change

  • Integrated 8-bit scene control and linking of each output with up to 8 scenes

  • Selectable switching state for each output at mains or bus power failure as well as after bus or mains voltage recovery

  • Integrated bus coupling units with only half a standard bus load

  • Bus connection via bus terminal or contact system to data rail

  • Modular installation devices for mounting on TH35 EN 60715 mounting rail

Additional info

The optional data rail must be ordered separately. See chapter System Products and Accessories - data rails.



Dimension width (1 MW = 18 mm)

8 MW