N 26..E/..1

Binary input device

Stock no. 5WG126..-1EB..1

Stock no. 5WG126..-1EB..1

  • Length of unshielded connecting cable per input of max. 100 m

  • LED per binary input for status display

  • Input functions: Telegram rate limitations, configurable debounce time, locking of inputs using blocking objects, adjustable duration of long button press, Configurable contact type (NO contact/NC contact)

  • Transmission parameters: Adjustable cyclic transmission, Configurable transmission in the event of changes to the input, Configurable transmission in the event of bus voltage recovery

  • Short/long button press can be evaluated

  • Switching on/off/over

  • Value transmission 8 bit, 16 bit

  • Dimming: single button dimming, 2-pushbutton dimming with stop telegram (4 bit)

  • 1-/2-pushbutton shutter/blind control

  • Store and call up scene, 1-bit in conjunction with scene module

  • Pulse counting with/without limit value monitoring (8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit)

  • 1-pushbutton group control

  • Integrated power supply for 230 V AC to supply the electronics

  • Integrated bus coupling units, Bus connection via contact system to data rail, bus connection via bus terminal



Dimension width (1 MW = 18 mm)

6 MW

Product Variants