AP 562/02

Electromotive valve actuator with LED valve position indication

Stock no. 5WG1562-7AB02

Stock no. 5WG1562-7AB02

Electromotive, proportional (constant) valve actuator with LED valve position indication and with integrated bus coupling unit for direct connection to KNX:

  • For latching to valve adapter

  • Delivery with valve adapter rings suitable for Siemens (VDN../VEN.., VPD../VPE.., VD...CLC, V..I46.., V..P47..) Danfoss RA, Heimeier, MNG, Schlösser ab 3/93, Honeywell, Braukmann, Dumser (distribution board), Reich (distribution board), Oventrop, Herb, Onda

  • Max. positioning force: 120 N

  • Cable permanently connected to the enclosure for bus connection and two additional signaling contacts (e. g. window contacts), which can be connected as binary inputs

  • For operation solely with the bus voltage, i. e. without external auxiliary power

  • Maintenance-free, silent drive

  • Automatic valve stroke detection, through which the actuator travel is adjusted to the valve used



Dimensions (W x H x D)

50 x 82 x 65 mm