N 141/02

KNX / DALI gateway, UL standard

Stock no. 5WG1141-1AB02

Stock no. 5WG1141-1AB02

  • For communication via KNX EIB with electronic ballasts with a DALI interface

  • DALI output acc. to IEC 60929, for communication with up to 64 DALI ballasts

  • Integrated power supply with input voltage AC/DC 110...240 V, 50...400 Hz, for powering the gateway electronics and DALI output

  • Maximum DALI output voltage of 16 V, short circuit resistant

  • Green LED for displaying the operating voltage

  • Pushbutton for switching between bus and direct operating mode

  • Yellow LED for displaying direct mode

  • One pair of push buttons for switching On/Off of all connected DALI ballasts

  • One red LED in the switching button for displaying the switching state of all DALI ballasts (permanent LED light) and displaying a DALI fault condition by blinking

  • Control (switching, dimming, and setting dimming value) as well as feedback of status and lamp failure of up to 64 DALI ballasts

  • Operation of each DALI ballast either as individual device or as member of one of up to 16 DALI groups

  • Configurable assignment of the DALI ballasts to up to 16 DALI groups, which can only be switched and dimmed in groups including reporting status and lamp failures in groups

  • Control (switching, dimming, setting dimming value) of self-contained emergency luminaires as individual luminaires or as member of a DALI group

  • Distinction between self-contained emergency luminaires with one or two DALI devices

  • Starting the self-conducted testing of each individual inverter and reporting the test result via bus

  • Distinction between function test, short duration test, and long duration test

  • Optional configuration of any DALI ballast to dim to a preset dimming value in case of emergency mode

  • Locking of switching and dimming commands as well as configuration while emergency mode is activated

  • Activation of emergency mode based on a configurable number of failed DALI ballasts

  • Transformation of dimming commands into a temporary set point adjustment for ballasts with integrated constant light level control and directly connected light level sensor

  • One or two level timer

  • Integrated scene control for up to 16 scenes

  • Integrated one time or cyclical control of repeatable sequences or color effects

  • Possible assignment of a CIN to a DALI ballast and with commissioning of DALI ballasts and test of channel, scene, and effect functionality within ETS

  • Integrated bus coupling unit

  • Only half a standard bus load

  • Bus connection via bus terminal or contact system to data rail

  • For mounting on DIN rail EN 60715-TH35-7.5

Additional info

The data rail must be ordered separately. See chapter System Products and Accessories - data rails.



Dimension width (1 MW = 18 mm)

4 MW