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UP 588/..3

Touch Panel

Stock no. 5WG1588-2AB..3

Stock no. 5WG1588-2AB..3

  • Multifunctional display/operating device for the KNX, with 320 x 240 pixels, 5.7" TFT color display and touch screen

  • Dimming of LED background lighting over the operator interface

  • For the display and operation of at least 210 communication objects on at least 20 display pages

  • An additional page for the display and acknowledgement of at least 16 alarms

  • Time program as weekly program for at least 110 communication objects and at least 10 switching tasks per weekday

  • Presence simulation for at least 50 communication objects

  • A trend module for storing and displaying graphics of the status values

  • 1-bit or 8-bit scene control for at least 64 scenes

  • At least 32 AND/OR operations, each comprising up to at least 4 communication objects

  • At least 16 reference conditions for tripping one switching task respectively

  • Individual password protection for each display page

  • Buffered real-time clock and display of time and date

  • Selection of at least 4 different design templates as operator and display interface

  • Display of a loadable image as a start screen page or with display of a slide show containing at least 100 loadable images instead of a start screen page

  • USB interface for loading images and symbols

  • USB cable, 1 m long and a transfer rate of 480 MBit/sec.

  • Pushbutton for device reset

  • Integrated bus coupling units, Bus connection via bus terminal

  • Flush-mounting device in flush-mounting/hollow-wall box

Additional info

The matching design frame must be ordered separately.

The flush-mounting/hollow-wall box must be ordered separately.



Dimensions (W x H x D)

161,5 x 135 x 64 mm

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