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UP 204/..1

Room Controller Contouch, incl. bus coupling unit

Stock no. 5WG1204-2AB..1

Stock no. 5WG1204-2AB..1

  • Multifunctional display/operating device for KNX, with 320 x 240 pixel, 2.8" LCD color display

  • For the display and operation of at least 18 configurable room operator functions:

  • Switching On/Off/Over and Pushbutton function (bell function)

  • Shutter/blind/roller control

  • Value transmission: 1 byte in %, 1 byte integer without prefix, 1 byte integer with prefix, 2 byte integer without prefix, 2 byte integer with prefix

  • Positively driven operation

  • Scene control: Store and call up scene 8 bit, store and call up scene 1 bit

  • Text display and warning and alarm indications

  • Operation using touch screen and/or by turning/pushing rotary/push button

  • RGB LED as orientation light or for signaling alarm indications

  • Buzzer for acoustic alarm indication or as feedback when operating touch screen

  • Integrated room temperature sensors

  • Analysis and weighting of an external inside temperature sensor

  • Room temperature control can be set as a two-point control and/or continuous-action control for heating only, for cooling only, or for heating and cooling mode

  • Operating modes that can be switched via KNX: comfort mode, pre-comfort mode, energy-saving mode and frost or heat protection mode

  • Local displaying of active operating modes or automatic or manual modes

  • Local displaying of heating/cooling valve open, dew point alarm and open window

  • Local switchover between automatic or manual mode, and between comfort, pre-comfort, energy-saving and protection modes

  • Local, time-adjustable extension of comfort mode

  • The room temperature setpoint value for comfort mode can be set via a rotary button on the room controller

  • Basic room temperature setpoint value for comfort mode which can be set via the KNX

  • Outdoor temperature-based tracking of temperature setpoint value in cooling mode

  • Adjustable dead zone between the heating setpoint and the cooling setpoint for comfort mode

  • Two-level heating or cooling

  • Output of the control variable(s) either as an on/off switch command or as a positioning command in the range of 0...100%

  • Local displaying of manually set fan speed step or automatic speed input

  • Fan speed step can be set via the rotary button or entered automatically by the controller

  • Weekly scheduling program for controller operating modes and for 18 room operator functions

  • At least 16 time switching points per function per weekday

  • Display of date and time

  • Selection of at least 4 different design templates as operator and display interface

  • Local activation of a cleaning function to lock the touch screen and the rotary/push button

  • Slot for a micro SD card for transferring firmware and configuration data

  • incl. bus coupling unit (included in delivery)

  • Bus connection via bus terminal

  • Connection of the separate 24 V DC boost voltage, power consumption approx. 50 mA

  • Flush-mounting device for mounting in a Ø 60 mm installation box, with screw fixing



Dimensions (W x H x D)

86 x 116 x 30 mm

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