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Extinguishing panel Rack

Stock no. S54390-C2-A1

Stock no. S54390-C2-A1

The XC1003-A 19" Rack variant offers the same connection possibilities than XC1001-A. Up to 16 panels can be installed in a 19" housing and configured to control a complex multi-sector installation.

Thanks to the optional multi-sector modules, up to 16 panels can be connected together, a common control cylinder can be activated, selector valves can be controlled and their position can be monitored and inter-blocking functions can be configured.



Mains voltage

AC 115...230 V +10...-15 %, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

Max. 150 VA

Alarm relay output (NO/NC)

30 V / 1 A max.

Battery capacity

2 x 12 V / 4.5...17 Ah

Operating temperature

-5...+40 °C

Conventional line


Control output

24 V / 1 A max.

Control input

4 monitored inputs (loss of agent, pressure switch)
4 non monitored inputs (activation via contacts)

Storage temperature

-20…+60 °C


EN 12094-1, EN 54-2/A1, EN 54-4/A2

Case protection category



~RAL 9006, White aluminum

Dimensions (W x H x D)

482.6 x 177.8 x 187 mm


Z3B171 Relay module with 1 contact, FCA1007 Key switch kit, FCA1014 Battery holder, PF12 Cover plate 1U, PF13 Cover plate 2U, XCH1003-A Cover set


XCE1002 Trigger element, XCA1020 Accessory set for FDCIO, XCA1030 Multi-zone extension module, XCA1031 Common multi-zone module