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Radio base

Stock no. S24218-F72-A1

Stock no. S24218-F72-A1

The radio base is battery-operated and can be mounted at every location within radio range. The radio base consists of a housing including radio electronics and antennas. The two 3.6 V batteries used are inserted here. The batteries must only be inserted in the base during commissioning (address allocation).

The batteries V24069-Z112-A1 and the manual call point SMF121 must be ordered separately.

The radio base has to be used as a repair part only (for the replacement of existing SMF6120).



Radio frequency

868... 870 MHz (SRD band)

Channel width

25 kHz

Transmission distance

max. 40 m in building
max. 200 m in open air

Transmitting power

≤5 mW ERP

Supply voltage

2 x 3.6 V lithium batteries, separately monitored

Transmitter/receiver antenna

2 (antenna diversity)