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Line tester

Stock no. A5Q00004397

Stock no. A5Q00004397

The line tester is a universal device for the testing of installed FDnet / C-NET fire detection lines, when no control unit has been connected yet. For troubleshooting for electricians, installers or service technicians.

Different functions can be polled, e.g. number of devices found, number and place of line errors found, short circuit, open line, ground fault with conductor(s), scrolling from detector to detector, with indication of type and serial number, etc. Update of the device software (firmware) via PC possible.

Power supply via battery or mains adapter.

Line tester incl. line connection set FDUL221-A and power supply set FDUL221-B.



Operating voltage

Min. DC 10 V, max. DC 30, Battery 2x 9, Mains adapter AC 240 V /DC 24 V, 624 V

Current consumption

Depending on number of devices and display illumination

Operating temperature

-25...+40 °C

Detection line voltage

DC 32 V -> FDnet (FS20, AlgoRex)
DC 28 V -> FDnet (SIGMASYS)
DC 32 V -> C-NET (FS720)

Storage temperature

-30...+75 °C
(-25...+60 °C with battery)

Relative humidity

≤95 % rel. (no condensation)