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Detector exchanger and tester

Stock no. A5Q00003357

Stock no. A5Q00003357

Efficient insertion and removal of Sinteso point detectors. Commissioning, maintenance, status check and testing of detectors with extensive diagnosis information on site. Polling parameters such as serial ID number. Efficient troubleshooting with detectors, installation and control unit. Update of the device software (Firmware) via PC possible. Compatible with the telescope rods and the conventional extension rods VR10/11/12/13.

For all point detectors, manual call points, alarm sounder (wireless MC-Link). Input module, output module, linear smoke detector via adapter cable FDUD292-A (supplied with the detector exchanger and tester).



Operating voltage


Operating temperature

-25... +40 °C

Battery capacity

Alkali -> commercial 9 V
Lithium brownstone -> ULTRALIFE U9VL or U9VL-J
Capacity 950... 1200 mAh

Storage temperature

-30... +75 °C
(-25... +60 °C with battery)

Relative humidity

≤95 % (no condensation)


FDUM291 Telescope rod, FDUM292 Telescope rod