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ASA linear smoke detector unit

Stock no. A5Q00002298

Stock no. A5Q00002298

The detector consists of a light emitter and a light receiver. The light emitter emits a bundled infrared ray, which is scattered back by the prism-shaped reflector to the light emitter. The receiver converts the received infrared signal to an electric signal, which is evaluated by the microprocessor-controlled electronics. Smoke penetrating the measuring section attenuates the infrared signal. When the signal reaches predefined measuring values, the detector transmits the corresponding danger level to the control unit. Distance measurement for the recognition of foreign matter. The built-in alarm indicator signals the alarm status locally. For various distances, different reflectors are available.

The optics can be efficiently adjusted to the reflector by single-handed alignment via the adjustment device FDLU291.

The base FDLB291 must be ordered separately.



Operating voltage

FDnet/C-NET -> DC 12...33, Collective/conv. -> DC 14...28 V

Quiescent current

0.8 mA / 0.7 mA

Dimensions (W x H x D)

135 x 135 x 70 mm


DLR1191 Reflector for long distance, DLR1192 Reflector for middle distance, DLR1193 Reflector for short distance, DLF1191-AA Short distance filter for 7...10 m, DLF1191-AB Short distance filter for 5...8 m, DLF1191-AC Extraneous light filter, DLH1191A Detector heating, FDLU291 Adjustment device