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Radio gateway

Stock no. A5Q00020241

Stock no. A5Q00020241

Wireless fire detection is used in situations where the user wants to avoid wires and their installation. In addition it means less interruption of operation and high flexibility for extensions and changes. High transmission reliability by radio transmission in SRD band (Short Range Device), a reserved frequency band with defined user rules. 80 channels are available.

The radio gateway FDCW221 is connected to the detector bus FDnet and communicates with up to 30 radio detectors (smoke detectors and manual call points). Each detector has its own location address.

The additional 9 V battery (must be ordered separately A5Q00004142) safeguards operation during commissioning or when the detector bus is without voltage. MC-Link connector for commissioning and maintenance with detector exchanger and tester.




EN 54-17, EN 54-18

Radio frequency

868 ... 870 MHz (SRD band)

Ext. alarm indicator


Channel width

25 kHz

Transmission distance

max. 40 m in building
max. 200 m in open air

Transmitting power

≤5 mW ERP

Operating temperature

-10... + 55 °C

Supply voltage

via FDnet, additionally 1x 9 V lithium battery, monitored

Transmitter/receiver antenna

2 (antenna diversity)

Protection category


Relative humidity

≤95 %


grey-white, ~RAL 9002

Communication protocol


Dimensions (W x H x D)

58 x 213.5 x 33.4 mm