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Multi-line separator module

Stock no. S54312-F6-A1

Stock no. S54312-F6-A1

To avoid the breakdown of several stub lines in case of a short circuit, line separators may be inserted. The line separator is used where several stub lines are connected to the FDnet/C-NET at one point. The module can also be connected to 2 separate loops. For retrofitting of existing, collective systems to addressable Sinteso/Cerberus PRO fire detection systems.

The module has total 9 separators. Each separator is an electronic switch, integrated into the FDnet/C-NET. It separates the negative conductor in case of a short circuit, so that the short-circuit-free side can continue to operate. The separator has connections for the detector lines, connections for the stub lines (T-taps), jumpers for programming of operation mode (1-loop or 2-loop mode), yellow LED for the status indication signals the short circuit separation.




EN 54-17

Protection category

with ext. housing FDCH221 -> IP65

Operating voltage

DC 12...33 V

Operating temperature

-25...+70 °C

Storage temperature

-30...+75 °C

Relative humidity

≤95 % rel.

Communication protocol


Quiescent current

2.25 mA (9 x 250 μA) or
2 x 1 mA (4 x 250 μA)

System compatibility

FDnet -> FS20, AlgoRex, SIGMASYS
C-NET -> FS720


~RAL9010, Pure white (housing)
Cover transparent, matt
~RAL9010, Pure white (aux. housing FDCH221)


TS35_122 U-rail, TS35_288 U-rail, FDCH221 Housing with cover, seal and screws, Screwed cable gland M20 x 1.5, Back nut M20, DBZ1190-AB Connection terminal 1.0...2.5 mm2
(3 pole) , FDCM291 Mounting feet (25 pcs.)