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Input/output module 'Transponder'

Stock no. S24218-B102-A1

Stock no. S24218-B102-A1

For connection of collective fire detectors (GMT/conventional line, GMT/conventional line with shunt Zener diode barrier (SB3) for explosion-hazard areas). For monitored controls of e.g. smoke dampers, alarm devices, door magnets and extinguishing activation devices (adhere to country-specific instructions). Monitored signal input for status and alarm messages or for acknowledging technical status.

The 2 inputs/outputs can be parameterized autonomously in each case as detector line collective, contact input, control output, control output and input as acknowledgement with selectable monitoring time frame. Status indication by LED.

Transponder incl. 2 Transzorb diode 20 V, 8 resistors and 2 mounting feet for TS35 U-rail.




CEA GEI I-084, EN 54-17, EN 54-18

Operating temperature

-25...+60 °C

Relative humidity

≤95 % rel.

Protection category

IP65 with aux. housing FDCH221

Operating voltage

FDnet/C-NET: DC 12...33 V

EOL resistor

3.3 kΩ/680 Ω, 2.7 kΩ/560 Ω, 3.3 kΩ

Detection line current

Storage temperature

-30...+65 °C

Control output

DC 24 V ± 5 % / 2x 1 A or 1x 1.5 A

Cable capacity

0.2...1.5 mm2 (2.5 mm2)

System compatibility

FDnet -> FS20, AlgoRex, SIGMASYS
C-NET -> FS720

Communication protocol


Detector line

Collective GMT Siemens/Cerberus, Synova conventional/SynoLINE300, collective/SynoLINE600 or similar

Dimensions (W x H x D)

132 x 90 x 24 mm


~RAL 9010, Pure white / transparent matt

Input voltage

External input voltage DC 18...33 V


TS35_122 U-rail, TS35_288 U-rail, FDCH221 Housing IP65