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Input/output module

Stock no. A5Q00002369

Stock no. A5Q00002369

For the connection of 4 independent, potential-free, make-or-break contacts for the indication of technical states (e.g. door or ventilation control) or for alarm actuation (e.g. sprinkler alarm).

4 inputs for potential-free contacts. Input lines are monitored for open line and short circuit (termination resistors). Inputs can be independently configured via the fire control panel for status or alarm messages. 4 outputs with 4 potential-free relay contacts (AC 250 V / 4 A) for fire control installations.

Status indication by LED. Power supply via FDnet/C-NET.

Input/output module incl. 8 resistors and 2 mounting feet for TS35 U-rail.




CEA GEI 1-84, EN 54-17, EN 54-18

Operating temperature

-25...+60 °C

Relative humidity

≤95 % rel.

Protection category

IP65 with aux. housing FDCH221

Operating voltage

DC 12...33 V

Storage temperature

-30...+65 °C

Cable capacity

0.2...1.5 mm2 (2.5 mm2)

System compatibility

FDnet -> FS20, AlgoRex, SIGMASYS
C-NET -> FS720

Communication protocol


Quiescent current

0.6...0.75 mA

Relay output (volt-free)

AC 250 V, 4 A, max. 1000 VA
DC 30 V, 4 A, max. 120 W

Dimensions (W x H x D)

130 x 90 x 20 mm


~RAL 9010, Pure white / transparent matt


TS35_122 U-rail, TS35_288 U-rail, FDCH221 Housing IP65