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Line card (collective)

Stock no. A5Q00010502

Stock no. A5Q00010502

The collective line card is an additional line card for fire detectors with collective signal evaluation. All detectors within a line have the same address. The line card can be mounted in FC2030 (2 slots) and FC2060 (5 slots) integrated card cages. The line card is required for step-by-step migration from collective detectors to Sinteso FDnet devices. The line card is designed for 8 collective stub lines each with up to 32 detectors for all collective detectors from series Sinteso, MS7/9/24, DS11, Synova 600, SIGMACON.

Line termination for MS7/9/24, DS11, SynoLINE600 -> EOL22(Ex), 4k7, 3k3.

Line termination for MS24, DS11, SynoLINE600 -> EOL22(Ex), Transzorb diode 20 V.



Number of detector lines


Output current

max. 0.6 A per line


EOL22(Ex) Line termination, BPZ:4600510001 Transzorb diode 20 V

Input current

max. 0.6 A