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Sounder module

Stock no. A5Q00014866

Stock no. A5Q00014866

With the sounder module, it is possible to split a collective horn line onto 4 individual lines. Each line controls and monitors an individual sounder. 2 sounder modules can also be used, but must then be cascaded.

The sounder module can be mounted onto the mounting plate FHA2007-A1 or onto the U-rail TS35 with the enclosed mounting feet.



Operating voltage

DC 21...28.6 V

Operating current

Max. 2 A (fused with 2 AT)

Cable capacity

0.08...1.5 mm2

Quiescent current

20 mA

Supervised output

4 x 1 A

Protection category


Relative humidity

≤95 % rel.

Color housing/cover

~RAL 9010, Pure white / transparent matt

Dimensions (W x H x D)

132 x 90 x 24 mm