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Radio smoke detector

Stock no. S24218-F62-A6

Stock no. S24218-F62-A6

Uniform response to various types of fires. Dynamic analysis of the sensor signal in the detector itself. Built-in diagnostic algorithms with automatic self-test. High immunity to false alarms and ambient influences. High-quality opto-electronic sensor system. Automatic compensation of soiling. Each radio smoke detector has its own address and can transmit 4 danger levels.

The radio smoke detector is supplied by two 9 V lithium batteries (must be ordered separately) and can be mounted at any position within radio range. In normal operating condition they have a service life of more than 5 years.

The radio smoke detector can be inserted and removed and actuated using the DZ1191, DZ1193 detector exchanger.

The base DBW1171 and the batteries (A5Q00004142) must be ordered separately.