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Collective manual call point (double action) for explosion-hazard areas

Stock no. DM1103(Ex)__

Stock no. DM1103(Ex)__

For immediate manual actuation of an alarm. For indoor and outdoor applications, equally suited for wet, humid and dusty areas. For surface- and recess-mounted feed lines in easily accessible places.

Indirect alarm actuation by pushing in the glass plate and pressing the pushbutton. To replace the glass plate, open the housing door with the key. The pushbutton must be reset before closing the door again.

The housing DMA1192-AA and the switching unit DMA1103D must be ordered separately.



Operating temperature

-25...+70 °C

Protection category

IP54 (IP65 with protection seal and screwed cable gland)


EN 54-11

Dimensions (W x H x D)

134 x 134 x 43 mm


'simple apparatus'
acc. to EN50020 § 5.4
Ex ib IIC T4 (Ta ≤70 °C)


DMZ1197-AD Protection seal, DMZ1197-AC Protective cover, A5Q00004478 Screwed cable gland M20, A5Q00006735 Locking plug M20, (1 hole)