NK8000 networks

Stock no. NK8000__

Stock no. NK8000__

NK8000 is the network solution for connecting various safety and security units to the DMS8000 Management Station products (MM8000 Management Station, the MT8001 Management Terminal and the MK8000 OPC Server).

NK8000 connects the subsystems over serial connection to MT8001 systems and via Ethernet TCP/IP or BACnet/IP to the MM8000 and the MK8000. In addition NK8000 supports dial-up connections to MM8000 and MK8000 as backup connections.

The following NK823x products make up the NK8000 product family:

NK8232 Ethernet Port for a single subsystem

NK8235 Ethernet Port

NK8237 Modbus GW

The NK823x Ethernet Ports are supplied in a plastic housing for easy DIN-rail mounting.




DF8090 Power supply supervision module (external, on I2C bus), DF8000 I/O system (external, on RS485 IF), DF8020 8-relay output module (external, on I2C bus), DF8040 9-input module (external, on I2C bus), NK8021 Analog modem (external), NE8001 Wall-mountable, metallic cabinet with DIN-rail. Including pre-wired power supply unit