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Modbus Gateway

Stock no. S54461-C7-A1

Stock no. S54461-C7-A1

The NK8237 is used as a gateway between Sinteso, STT20 or Cerberus PRO fire detection systems, and third-party Modbus head-end/automation systems on LAN or over a serial line.

It provides for bi-directional Modbus RTU and TCP/IP connectivity to Sinteso, STT20 or Cerberus PRO fire detection systems.

The products of the NK823x series, including the NK8237 Modbus Gateway, have built-in firewall and routing capabilities.

Depending on the configuration, the NK8237 can also be used as pure firewall, without using the Modbus Gateway functionality, for protecting Sinteso FS20, STT20 and Cerberus PRO FS720 fire detection systems.

The NK823x firewall application can protect individual stations or the entire network from the following events:

  • Protection against attacks which impair the functionality of the FS20, STT20 or Cerberus PRO systems

  • Unauthorized access

  • Spying on data

  • Data manipulation






2 Ethernet lines (10/100Mbit/sec),
2 serial lines,
3 digital inputs,
1 relay output, max. 1 A at DC 30 V

Operating voltage

DC 10...33 V

Power consumption

5 W

Dimensions (W x H x D)

180 x 108 x 80 mm (excluding connectors)

Operating temperature

0...+50 °C

Relative humidity

10...95 % (non condensing)


DF8090 Power supply supervision module (external, on I2C bus), NE8001 Wall-mountable, metallic cabinet with DIN rail. Including pre-wired power supply unit