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Fire control panel for connection to DC 12 V supply

Stock no. GEN2..

Stock no. GEN2..

The Genesis 2 makes it possible to install a single fire detection zone when connected to intrusion control panel, controlling and supervising a 2-wire line, equipped with up to 32 conventional and collective detectors at DC 24 V.

The Genesis 2 is supplied with DC 13.8 V from the intrusion control panel and by means of an internal converter, it is able to provide the DC 24 V supply required by the detectors and/or call points. This eliminates the need for an external DC 24 V power supply and battery backup, as in the case of mains failure or disconnection, the intrusion control panel backup powers the system.



Output line voltage (stand-by)

DC 17.5...24 V

Power supply

DC 11...14 V / <200 mA (faulty format)

Alarm relay output (NO/NC)

DC 30 V / 1 A

Fault relay output (NO/NC)

DC 30 V / 1 A

Stand-by current

35...45 mA

Dimensions (W x H x D)

134 x 85 x 27 mm

Product Variants