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Mimic display driver (EVAC)

Stock no. S54400-A14-A1

Stock no. S54400-A14-A1

The mimic display driver is necessary if the evacuation panel has to be built in a customer-specific housing with customized LEDs and keys in a plant layout (mimic display). The mimic display is composed of a connector board and a print of the operating add-on.

In order to realize a panel for 20 evacuation zones, 2 mimic display drivers are required (Master and Slave).

The 34-pin ribbon cable for connection of LEDs, keys and key switch must be provided by the customer.

The RS485 module must be ordered separately and mounted in the control panel.



Supply voltage

DC 20… 32 V

Operating current

Max. 190 mA @ DC 21 V

Cable capacity

0.5…1.5 mm2

Dimensions (W x H x D)

121 x 206 x 47 mm